Invitation to support The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation

The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation wants to promote scientific research on the association between the environment and cancer and other chronic diseases.

Several forms of cancer, chronic diseases such as diabetes, different neurological conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome and psychiatric diagnoses are increasing even at lower ages. Our environment with exposure to different environmental pollutants and to radiofrequency radiation may contribute considerably and be significant factors for illness. Of special concern are new environmental pollutants and the increasing exposure to radiofrequency radiation in the environment. Long-term health effects have not been studied.

To be able to prevent the increase in disease incidence and sick-leaves, research is needed about the impact of environmental pollutants and radiofrequency radiation on human health. We are all exposed in the society today.

The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation needs your contribution, both to perform own research within the Foundation and to support other researchers within this field. It is also of importance to inform the general public about the results from scientific research regarding the impact of environment on different diseases including cancer.

You are welcome to contribute to bank account Swedbank
IBAN: SE 80 8000 0845 2569 3323 1091
Address: Studievägen 35, SE-702 17, Örebro, Sweden

You can also send a donation using PayPal; press “Donate” on the button below.

We thank you for your contribution!

Lennart Hardell, Senior consultant, cancer physician lennart.hardell[at]

Mikael Eriksson, Senior consultant, cancer physician  mikael.eriksson[at]

Michael Carlberg, Statistician  michael.carlberg[at]

All members of the board of The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, Örebro, Sweden

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